Are you ready to start your Business? Pretty Glitter Princess now offers Our Own Starter Kits with everything you need to get Started. We believe in you Princess!! We offer 2 packages.
Package 1 : Includes 10 (10-15ML) Squeeze Tubes,  8 oz Versagel, 1 syringe & 3 pipettes.You will also receive 1 pigment (Your choice) & 1 flavoring oil. (Random). As well as 1 Sample of Glitter, Chunky Glitter or Fruit Slices (Your choice).
Package2: Includes 10 (10ML) Wand Tubes, 8oz Versagel, 2 pigments (Your choice) & 1 Flavoring Oil,(Random). As well as 1 sample of Glitter or Chunky Glitter or Fruit Slices (Your choice).
✨ Each Starter Kit comes with A Special Gift from Us.
*Please note: Versagel will NOT be filled to the top completely to be sure that no leakage occurs as your package 📦 flows in transit.
* We , Pretty Glitter Princess will NOT be responsible for any damage to the package, However We will be sure that it is Shipped securely to protect Your Order!! Now Are you ready to start that Wonderful Business?? Don’t forget to Tag Us!

Lip Gloss Starter Kits