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Pretty Glitter Princess was established in the year of 2020. We had a vision and decided to combine Our Love for the items We use daily with Our Creative Crafts but for Princesses Our age!

Now, That's not saying that Our Products are just for US. Our Products are actually for All ages but designed with Our age group in mind. Clean, Vegan and Cruelty Free Ingredients

What Do We Really Offer? 

We offer Vegan, Glossy and Cruelty Free Cosmetics. Accessories, Bath Time Treats, Apparel. 

We came up with Our Name at a time that life really hit us all HARD, for everyone. Self care has been a BIG Trend, and is VERY important. Not just for the Outside face but also in the inside. We've learned that when you feel your best in the INSIDE, it Reflects how you feel on the OUTSIDE. (PRETTY). Our Mission is to reach every single goal in life, and what better way to do that then with (GLITTER) similar to fairy dust to keep us going. Sparkle in everything you do and always do your best. We've been taught to always take the good with the bad, and to always treat others with KINDNESS. We feel that each and every one of us are ROYALTY.  No matter Where you are from. (PRINCESS). We wanted to create products that WE enjoy, and wanted to share that with you all for you all to enjoy as well at AFFORDABLE PRICING, FAST SHIPPING, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND A PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE. 

With that being said, You can NEVER Rush Beauty Princess. 

Thank you for your support!


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